Friday, 30 May 2014


This was a commission for a friend as a gift to her friends who were getting married. 
I particularly enjoy getting information to create a unique piece personal to the individual. 

I created this small 'personal scribbling' as a fathers day gift for a colleague.

Decorating furniture for a family member.

A rare use of colour for my brothers album cover as part of his Music Technology final piece at Leeds Metropolitan University.

Another album cover this time for The Platitudes, a Leeds based punk ska band. Check them out at

This commission was created as a gift from the best man for his friends wedding. 
These designs were made into a guestbook for the guests to enjoy. 
Again this includes personal information about the client to give it that extra special touch.
Although I create all my illustrations by hand I often use Photoshop at the end to scan my work in and scale if needed.

Christening invitations for my cousin and her partner. 
I used a wax seal on the envelopes of which I made using paper from Paperchase.

And finally, a fun commission to create an order of ceremony as well as table toppings based on festivals. 
This involved more Photoshop involvement to play around with a specific colour scheme.

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